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Which details are needed to process a loan application?

Only basic information about you is needed like your employment status, banking and other existing/old loan accounts are required. Usually no documentation& No complex details are required to process the loan application.

Do I need to be in full time job to get cash?

Full time employment is a more secure option for the lenders, so they prefer such applications above part time employment/individuals on rental income. However, if your income source is stable and your budget allows you to pay installments for your loans, then your application has more chances of approval.

What about bad credit history, can I get loan with it?

Having bad credit is not a big problem these days. Since, millions of people in the UK have bad credit remarks and they still get to sort out their financial problems through cash advances.

What if I don’t possess a bank a/c?

It is very important to have a bank account on your name in order borrow credit from financial institutes. Your borrowed loan amount is transferred to your account only. So, either you get a bank account or see if any of your family members (with valid bank account) are willing to borrow cash on your behalf.

I already have a loan can I get a new loan?

If you are looking for additional loan you can apply here. The chances of approval would be dependent on your loan affordability and how well you manage your existing loan accounts.

What is the duration of these loans?

These monetary aids are quite similar to payday cash advances and are for short-term. You have to pay the loan amount within 2-4 weeks in a lump sum. Usually it is on the next payday that your lender would want to directly debit the loan repayment from your bank account.

What happens if I do not repay the loan amount on the due date?

Missing a repayment on time can make your loan deal expensive. You may have to pay additional amount as a penalty of delay in making the repayment. So, borrow a loan only when you are able to arrange funds for repayment on time.

Can I extend the loan repayment duration?

Yes, many lenders offer the flexibility of loan extension. It is always advisable to review your loan terms & conditions carefully to check these options before accepting the offer, as some lenders do not offer such flexibility.